Day 1 - Atlanta, GA to Boston, MA

Up early

Day one of the trip got off to a smooth start.  The  Atlanta Airport was about as busy as I've ever seen it.  Even PreCheck took more than 30 minutes to get through.  We got to our gate just as they started preboarding. First Class for Princess Patty of course. 

Our first order of business in Boston was to take the subway to the Boston University campus.  Since I gave them a big chunk of change for a master's degree, I thought that I should also give them some more money for some sweet BU swag from the campus book store.

Next up was a short Uber ride to Fenway Park!

We has incredible seats but unfortunately, it rained the entire game due to Tropical Storm Ophelia. 

Patty was a great sport and was happy to put up with the rain because she knew what a thrill it was for me.  We decided to bail early though and head back to the hotel.  But not before I got a few more snapshots of this historic venue.

My favorite part of the game was Patty imitating the guy selling "Mike's Haaad seltza". Her Boston accent is pretty darn good. 

Back at the hotel, we got upgraded to a corner room on the top floor with a great view. Paying for 6 figures worth of store inventory on my Hilton Amex gets us lots of free stays and upgrades.  Well worth it.

One last stop at the lobby Starbucks and gift shop for cold brew, Diet Coke and Tony's delicious chocolate. 


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