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Day 4 - Reykjavik, Iceland to Madrid, Spain

 Another travel day Up early again today.  The alarm was set for 5 am but I woke up closer to 2 am.  I got Patty moving and we got to "Bus Stop 3" in order to catch our bus to the airport.  We were once again delivered to a terminal where we were herded on to a very crowed bus for the one hour trip to the airport.  We had just enough time for a $45 breakfast of scrambled eggs and Bacon for Patty and three small berry pancakes for my.  Top it off with two bottled smoothies and you've got a very overpriced breakfast.   The flight to Barcelona was four hours and we got second breakfast since Patty is a Hobbit and we were in first class.   We got to Barcelona, and since it belongs to the Schengen Zone along with Spain, we didn' have to pass through Customs. We took a much more reasonably priced taxi to the train station.  The driver spoke almost no English but managed to figure out our destination.  We had two hours to kill so we hit the McDonalds.  No ice or straws for P

Day 3 - Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland Tour  Up at 7 am for a 10 hour excursion.  The day stated with one of the better Hilton breakfasts that I've had.  We took a quick taxi to "Bus Stop 12", one of the places where tourists are herded onto buses.  They drove us about 5 miles where we met up with several other herds and they sorted us out into buses for a plethora of different excurions. Ours was the "Golden Circle".   The first stop was KeriĆ° Crater.  A reasonably cool volcanic crater with a lake at the bottom.  Hiking trails led to the lake or to the top on the opposite side.  The wind was howling and since I had no hat and was wearing only a sweatshirt.  I snapped a couple of photos and hightailed it back to the warmth of the bus.  The temperature was around 50 but the wind made it feel more like 20's. Next stop was The Secret Lagoon.  Water bubbles up from the earth here at 212 degrees and they let some of it seep into the pool.  The bottom is rocky and the temperature is

Day 2 - Boston, MA to Reykjavik, Iceland

  Day 2 was a travel day.  "Up and at 'em P-dawg!" #sexyboudoirphotos Fist class on Iceland Air is pretty nice.  They have noise cancelling headphones as opposed to the cheap ear buds that you get on Delta.  The food was pretty good too. Patty was able to control herself and had only one screwdriver. The flight from Boston got in to the Reykjavik airport around 10pm due to the time change loss of four hours.  We quickly learned that everything in Iceland is very expensive.  Besides that, I failed to realize that the Airport is 50 kilometers (33 miles) from the city center.  The next bus wasn't leaving for more than an hour so we decided on a taxi.  We got to our hotel about an hour later.  The total for the taxi?  Just a mere $167.00.  Fortunately I was using Hilton points for both nights so that was free.  More on the prices tomorrow.

Day 1 - Atlanta, GA to Boston, MA

Up early Day one of the trip got off to a smooth start.  The  Atlanta Airport was about as busy as I've ever seen it.  Even PreCheck took more than 30 minutes to get through.  We got to our gate just as they started preboarding. First Class for Princess Patty of course.  Our first order of business in Boston was to take the subway to the Boston University campus.  Since I gave them a big chunk of change for a master's degree, I thought that I should also give them some more money for some sweet BU swag from the campus book store. Next up was a short Uber ride to Fenway Park! We has incredible seats but unfortunately, it rained the entire game due to Tropical Storm Ophelia.  Patty was a great sport and was happy to put up with the rain because she knew what a thrill it was for me.  We decided to bail early though and head back to the hotel.  But not before I got a few more snapshots o