Day 4 - Reykjavik, Iceland to Madrid, Spain

 Another travel day

Up early again today.  The alarm was set for 5 am but I woke up closer to 2 am.  I got Patty moving and we got to "Bus Stop 3" in order to catch our bus to the airport.  We were once again delivered to a terminal where we were herded on to a very crowed bus for the one hour trip to the airport.  We had just enough time for a $45 breakfast of scrambled eggs and Bacon for Patty and three small berry pancakes for my.  Top it off with two bottled smoothies and you've got a very overpriced breakfast.  

The flight to Barcelona was four hours and we got second breakfast since Patty is a Hobbit and we were in first class.  

We got to Barcelona, and since it belongs to the Schengen Zone along with Spain, we didn' have to pass through Customs. We took a much more reasonably priced taxi to the train station.  The driver spoke almost no English but managed to figure out our destination.  We had two hours to kill so we hit the McDonalds.  No ice or straws for Patty's Coke Zero but she's been a prety good sport about everything so far so no complaints.  Yay Patty!

We must have gotten the last two tickets in first class because we didn't get to sit together.  For the first time, Patty showed her displeasure but quickly figured out that there was nothing that I could have done.  

We hopped on the high-speed train and got to Madrid in two and a half hours.  Nice accomidations with free wifi in first class which allowed me to catch up on the last three days of this blog.

Arriving in Madrid.

We got into Madrid fairly late and a quick exploration of the area turned up a restaurant called "Gato Gato".  Of course we're going to eat at a place called "Cat Cat" in English.

We have no idea what we're ordering.  Stupid Americans!

 Neither one of us have sophisticated taste buds so the we weren't huge tapas fans.  We did enjoy the Eggplant chips though.


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