Day 2 - Boston, MA to Reykjavik, Iceland

 Day 2 was a travel day.  "Up and at 'em P-dawg!" #sexyboudoirphotos

Fist class on Iceland Air is pretty nice.  They have noise cancelling headphones as opposed to the cheap ear buds that you get on Delta.  The food was pretty good too. Patty was able to control herself and had only one screwdriver.

The flight from Boston got in to the Reykjavik airport around 10pm due to the time change loss of four hours.  We quickly learned that everything in Iceland is very expensive.  Besides that, I failed to realize that the Airport is 50 kilometers (33 miles) from the city center.  The next bus wasn't leaving for more than an hour so we decided on a taxi.  We got to our hotel about an hour later.  The total for the taxi?  Just a mere $167.00.  Fortunately I was using Hilton points for both nights so that was free. 

More on the prices tomorrow.


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