Day 6 - Madrid Spain

The Royal Palace

The only plans that we made for the day was a tour of the Royal Palace of Madrid.  A spectacular palace that it's difficult to do justice do in photographs were you're not a particularly gifted photographer.

View from the courtyard.

Indoor photography was limited to the first half of the tour.  There were quite a few rooms that we couldn't photograph. 

Definitely worth your time while in Madrid.  The entire palace is massive and the tours cover only a fraction of it.

Patty looked fashionable every single day.  Me....not so much.  #baggytshirts

The current Royal Family.

After the palace tour, we headed to a very touristy shopping district.  If was sort of interesting but the sheer number of tourists made if difficult to tolerate.  

Patty didn't want to pose here but I thought it was funny.  


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